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Visions of a Continent

by Shaen Adey

Format:Hardback with jacket
Book Size:169 x 110 x 15 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

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Australia - a land of scenic splendour, vibrant cities and ancient mystery - beckons the international visitor with a myriad of attractions. The long and varied coastline boasts wide, unspoilt beaches, tortured cliff and rock formations, primeval rainforest that is home to numerous indigenous flora and fauna species, and bustling vibrant cities. Inland, the arid centre of Australia beckons adventurers with its harsh untamed landscape and vast empty expanses. The red desert sands, the dusty stretches of road, and the peculiarly adapted wildlife of the interior provide a striking contrast to the wetlands of Kakadu which teem with wildlife - a watery haven in an often
unforgiving land. Australia - Visions of a Continent captures the many facets of this intriguing country in over 120 superb photographs, providing visitors with a lasting memory of this great southern land