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Poetic Medicine


People of the Boot

The Poet

by Alex Skovron

Page Extent:136 pages
Book Size:210 x 130 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

Quick Overview

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The Poet’ is a tale of obsession, art, and the thresholds between day and night. Manfred is a nondescript insurance clerk, inflexibly honest and imbued with a profound sense of order. He is also a prolific poet, but has never tried to publish - until now. The novella traces the events and experiences that befall Manfred in the the wake of a single moment’s carelessness,a mistake that will change his life. He enters a maze he must negotiate, between action and paralysis, inspiration and despair,guilt - and the phantom, love. We encounter an eccentric stranger bent on a terrible mission, the publisher of a deceitful new author, and the city that forms a living, shifting backdrop to the interior drama, as Manfred struggles with his predicament, his muse, and the labyrinth of his implacable honesty. It is a journey from common daylight into a darkness flickering with both hope and oblivion; a journey across the fragile web of what we understand as sanity.