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Hergesheimer in the Present Tense


The Old Man and the Seeds

Weather Walks In

by Tony Lintermans

Page Extent:68 pages
Book Size:210 x 142 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

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The poems of Weather Walks In, Tony Lintermans’ third poetry collection, are fluent, subtly earthy, and have a fiery lift that takes your breath away. The reader is intrigued and delighted as abstraction is humanised in gems of images or aphorisms And what warmly lyrical, clear-sighted poems these are -sometimes irreverent, witty, or downright funny, sometimes A young Australian travelling for academic purposes in Europe visits a monastery in Spain and is waylaid by an old man selling his produce by the roadside at a nearby war cemetery. He innocently asks about the massive eucalypt trees in the monastery grounds and is then entranced by the old man and the story he tells of their history which weaves together the secret 16th-century exploration of Terra Australis, the Emperor Charles V, the dedication of a botanist, fundamentals of gardening and the wonder of Nature. reflective and deeply felt, open to sadness and the mystery of things. Tony Lintermans focuses on scenes from a life, his language intimately investing the world of family, birth and death, politics, surfing and the beach, and all the weathers of love. These are luminous, essential insights to be relished, reread, and remembered. Jan Owen