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My Encounters With Minibeasts

From Purple Moonbeams to Itchy Cows

by Densey Clyne

Format:Paperback with flaps
Page Extent:192 pages
Book Size:225 X 225 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

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My Encounters with Minibeasts is a collection of stories about insects and spiders by naturalist Densey Clyne, who is internationally known for her writing, photography and nature documentaries. The 35 chapters comprise personal recollections of her adventures in the world of invertebrates, recounting stories from spider tricks and traps to magical moths and ridiculously hairy caterpillars. Self-styled ‘Champion of the Underbug’ Densey presents her subjects not in the way that they are generally seen – as ugly and dangerous – but as intriguing, often beautiful, sometimes bizarre and infinitely diverse. While insisting on scientific accuracy, Densey uses a lighthearted style, writing with knowledge, enthusiasm and, dare it be said, love. Many stories are based close to home in Australia, while others relate to the author’s travels overseas with cameraman Jim Frazier, filming for Sir David Attenborough’s documentaries, including in the USA, Borneo and Papua New Guinea. The introductory piece in the book extols the ‘delight in insects’ felt by the author, referring to a passage from Alice Through the Looking Glass in which Alice says that she doesn’t rejoice in insects at all. But Densey sees insects differently and this book tells us why. We are introduced through close-up images to bugs including grasshoppers, ants, wasps, butterflies, moths, mantises and spiders. Covering a wide range of invertebrate behaviour, including a few unlocked secrets, this book will appeal to readers of all ages with an interest in the natural world.

About the Author

Densey Clyne

Densey Clyne is a naturalist, photographer and writer. She has written 28 books on natural history subjects, in particular on insects and spiders. She has also written for her own television documentaries and acted as a consultant on several of Sir David Attenborough's natural history series. Densey has delivered talks and addresses on invertebrate behaviour and the pleasures of insect watching to schools, adult groups and professional organisations and taken part in seminars on natural history writing and on wildlife filming.