Best-selling author, Rena Patten (AKA The Queen of Quinoa) hosted a book signing and cooking demonstration at the first ‘Conversations @ Nourish Kitchen + Lifestyle’ for 2016 in Berry, NSW!

 One of the team had the pleasure of catching up with Rena after the event and here’s what she had to say!                                                 

We asked Rena how the event went and she exclaimed that the event was “very successful” and she had a great time with her wonderful and very attentive audience!

During Rena’s demonstration, she showed the audience three different forms of quinoa that could be used to create three separate dishes. Rena advised us that out of the number of people who attended only a handful realised that quinoa comes in not only as a grain but also in flakes and flour form. To demonstrate this Rena created three different dishes, using each style of quinoa.

 Quinoa, pronounced ‘keen-wah’, is a tiny little grain, but not just any grain. It is a grain that is considered to be almost a complete food, being very high in protein, full of vitamins, totally gluten-, wheat- and cholesterol-free, usually organic and of absolutely great benefit to everyone’s diet. Used in it’s more common form – the grain is used to create a variety of dishes for from breakfast through to dinner and everything in between. You can find this information and much more on Quinoa in Rena’s  latest book Best of Quinoa.

 Rena was pleased by all of the lovely comments received from those who attended the event and was delighted that each guest went home with a copy of her title, Best of Quinoa. Feeling proud that she inspired guests to start cooking with the superfood, Rena was approached by a member of the audience and asked to sign her book from the "Quinoa Queen". 

Rena, congratulations on the success of your cooking demonstration and book signing!