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  • People I've Met People I've Met

People I've Met

Places I've Been

by Kerri-Anne Kennerley

Page Extent:203 pages
Book Size:241 x 164 x 15 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

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When you're ready to get away from it all, pack your bags and travel the world Kerri-Anne style, with your all-access pass to Paris, Vienna, Canada, Alaska, Los Angeles, New Zealand, Japan, Honolulu, Dubai and other exotic locations.

Take a glamorous and star-studded moment to spend some time with television personality Kerri-Anne. She is a busy, busy woman, meeting and interviewing politicians, the world's top celebrities in film, television, music, as well as international sports stars and chefs. Trawl through Kerri-Anne's personal collection of photos with her guests, on the set of Mornings, on location, at parties and at awards events. Read her honest anecdotes and reflections about their time together.