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by Asia Upward

Page Extent:32 pages
Book Size:250 x 250 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

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Oh no! Lovable Lottie has lost her toy! Can you help her find it? Lottie, an adorable Maremma puppy, lives on an apple orchard with her family and other animal friends. With days full of adventurous fun, Lottie is always misplacing her favourite toy but has she really lost it? Is her toy hiding from her? Lottie needs your help to find her best friend.

About the Author

Asia Upward

Asia Upward was born in Sydney in 1982 to Julie Harris and Peter Upward. Both her parents are celebrated artists and Asia grew up in a creative household. From the very beginning Asia has had a huge passion for animal welfare, always bringing home baby birds that had fallen from their nests or dogs that had lost their way. She was an avid fan of all the wildlife shows including the most popular David Attenborough series. It is safe to say her love for animals has only grown over the years. In 2004 she attended the National Art School in Sydney, where she spent 3 years doing her Bachelor of Fine Arts and where she was able to immerse herself in photography for the first time. From there she went on to do her Masters of Documentary Photography at Sydney College of the Arts. In 2009 she started as a studio assistant in a Sydney photographic studio. From there she developed her photographic skills and started to hone in on her own photographic style. On moving to Melbourne in 2011 she felt the need to do more with animal welfare and volunteered as a photographer for the shelter animals at RSPCA. That role then developed into larger photographic campaigns for the RSPCA. At the same time she volunteered with Wildlife Victoria, firstly as a photographer and then as a rescuer. The book ‘A dog’s world’ is the result of the paths Asia has chosen to take. It involves working with animals, experimental cooking and research into the care of dogs. As well as creating a book for dog lovers around the world she has also decided that with the success of the book she would like to help charities that help less fortunate animals. She hopes to raise awareness and make a financial contribution to a charity of her choice with every book she publishes.