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by Richard Clune

Page Extent:160 pages
Book Size:290 x 150 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

Quick Overview

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A very funny look at the highs and lows of being a man in today’s modern world and how to navigate through it. In today’s world there is much confusion on how to be a man in the world of rules and expectations. Featuring diverse chapter topics with advice, knowledge and featuring mini interviews with a variety of notable men who have life experience behind them in helping men work through the changing face of masculinity and beyond. Giving DIY advice for men - A Brief Guide to Being a Modern Unhandyman ,Cook like a man , An inability to cook a dish that doesn’t come out of a box Booksmart for men - Novels To Have On The Shelves Dating advice and Romance Winning at work and at home - Achieve on a Hangover Learning to compromise and compromise and compromise Man in the Know - How to seem hip to the zeitgeist Smooth Operator - dealing with Hair loss The Games Men Play - Naked Twister is not a game Drink like a man - Cocktails No Man Should Drink A Man’s Guide to Cool -As for a desire for existence to be cloaked in a sense of cool? Well, it’s tricky. A Man’s Guide to being a Feminist - The Men’s Movement - what does it really mean ? How to be a new Dad - making it up on the fly. Being Content - HOW TO ACCEPT THAT YOU WILL LIKELY NOT CHANGE THE WORLD, SLEEP WITH A SUPERMODEL OR BE FRIENDS WITH GEORGE CLOONEY

About the Author

Richard Clune

Associate Editor at GQ Australia Award-winning journalist - international experience, print and online specialist with background in TV and radio. Richard has appeared on TV many times on the Today Show as a panelist and The Morning Show and Channel 10 The Project.