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The Science That Changed The World

Remarkable Discoveries and Breakthroughs

by Stuart Kumar -Terry

Page Extent:72 pages
Book Size:215 x 280 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

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Science that Changed the World provides a gender and racially diverse cross-section of scientists through history. The intention is to describe the science that was discovered, the manner in which it was discovered and the impact of the discoveries. There is a balance of the history of discovery and an exploration of the principles.

This book provides a broad summary of science history, not a detailed description of individuals, events or science. The tone of language is evocative, inspirational and inspiring; the readers will be swept away by the incredible achievements and unlimited possibilities of scientific discovery.

About the Author

Stuart Kumar -Terry

Stuart Terry has a passion for science and education, and loves nothing more than regale his family and friend with interesting facts about our incredible universe. Ever fascinated by the world, and possessed by the need to tell everyone about it, he graduated University with a Bachelor of Science with the hopes of communicating the joys and wonders of the Universe to one and all, young and old.