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Page Extent:192 pages
Book Size:215 x 270 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

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Smokehouse BBQ and Southern Fried chicken are a way of life for award winning chef Graeme Stockdale (The Stockpot Kitchen). Served up generously with a side of humor, Fried Chicken, Ferments & Flames covers everything from quick and easy mid week eating to serve-the-neighborhood style feasts. At the heart of it all is the emphasis on eating well, from scratch, giving you the confidence to know your way around a BBQ and kitchen and the incentive to ‘wing’ it now and then.

About the Author

Graeme Stockdale

Graeme Stockdale has been cooking with fire for at least 15 years, creating mouthwatering dishes such as barbecue pulled pork, smoked brisket burgers and southern-style fried chicken. He believes there are many different elements to the art of barbequing, and after much experimentation he only places the finished dish on the menu of his restaurant when he is completely happy with the final product. He researches his recipes from talking to people from the deep south of the USA to create the best possible methods of creating good food on the BBQ. He has put together this book to share all of his successes whilst avoiding the many pitfalls of the BBQ.