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Rock Paintings Of Aboriginal Australia

by Jutta Malnic and Elaine Godden

Format:Hardback with jacket
Page Extent:160 pages
Book Size:221 x 207 x 13 mm (Height x Width x Depth)

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Mysterious, dramatic, enlightening _ Aboriginal rock paintings of Australia are extraordinary glimpses into a culture older than European
civilisations, yet still immensely vibrant today. Australia s world-famous Aboriginal rock art can be found all over the country, from Tasmania to the Kimberley. The paintings depict everyday events such as hunting and corroborees, as well as the places and stories of legendary creator ancestors. Fish, wombats, kangaroos and snakes weave their way across the rock, as do the often haunting Dreamtime figures of lightning spirits, serpents and skybeings. Elaine Godden s text helps to explain the paintings and their stories, while Jutta Malnic s photographs perfectly capture the mystery and beauty of the images. Rock Paintings of Aboriginal Australia is a wonderful collection of some of the most fascinating and important art to be found in Australia.