To Hell and Back

A True Account of Demonic Possession and Deliverance


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By Joseph Wisdom Sesay
Format Hardback
Page Extent 336
Book Size 1050 mm (H x W x D)
Imprint New Holland Publishers
Release Date 26 Jan 2022
Subject Classification Memoirs

Evil is real. Demons are real. Demonic possession is real.

Joseph Wisdom Sesay has always known this. From a precocious spiritual childhood interrupted by a horrific civil war, to a youth negotiating the painful road between earthly poverty and a calling from the wealth of Heaven, to the divinely guided founding a Deliverance Ministry in Melbourne, Australia, Wisdom’s is the story of how one man has helped hundreds of people to expel their literal demons. But there’s another story too.

For decades, malevolent, hostile spiritual entities made Paul Harrington’s life a nightmare. Psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, drug therapy, conventional medicine, alternative medicine, doctors nobody could help, nothing worked. Only after years of denial from his family and friends, only after years of his own denial, did Paul finally find Wisdom. Only then could the real work begin. You are holding in your hands one of the most detailed accounts of demonic possession ever published, charting the long road from childhood trauma, through a long nightmare of fear and madness to, finally, freedom, restoration and a transformation that continues to this day. This is a story of the dread of spiritual affliction. It is a story of fear, anger, rage, betrayal and the chaos that evil inflicts.

But it is also a story of honesty, of forgiveness. The truth of possession, exorcism and deliverance
bears little resemblance to their depictions in fiction. The truth is even more disturbing, even more
compelling. The truth is terrifying.

But for some, there is a way out of the darkness from Hell, and back again into the Light.

Joseph Wisdom Sesay

Joseph Wisdom Sesay is an ordained minister, a man of God and Head of Divine Intercession. Like many people who have been called into spiritual work, he has a strong spiritual connection to the Holy Spirit. After he discovered that he had a unique gift to help others cleanse themselves of negative energy, Joseph studied under an experienced exorcist and Deliverance Minister, gaining considerable experience working in a number of different parishes conducting Exorcism and Deliverance Counselling. He later studied at the Vision International Seminary, in Liberia in West Africa, graduating in 2010.