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By Adele Blair
Format Paperback / softback
Book Size 227 x 232 x 15 mm (H x W x D)
Imprint New Holland Publishers
Release Date 8 Dec 2015
Subject Classification Lifetyle & personal style guides / Interior design, decor & style guides


There are 4 types of clutter found in every home: emotional, just-in-case, fad, and bargain clutter. Use Adele Blair's explanations to understand what type of 'clutterer' you are and help yourself to a clearer home and life. Adele Blair s lifelong passion and flair for planning, problem solving and being the go-to girl for all things home and clutter led her to the creation of her company The Concierge Collective. Adele regularly contributes articles and interviews on local, national and international media platforms.
Most people believe that being disorganised is just the way it is in today's busy world. But it doesn't have to be that way. It is important to create an organised environment for you and your family and by getting organised in your home, office, and personal life it will enable you to create a clear space in which to focus on systems and strategies that suit your personal lifestyle.

Being organised is not about being orderly, tidy, minimalistic, or having your home looking like an advertisement in a glossy home magazine.The basis of being organised is about ensuring that your environment is functional and suits your individual lifestyle. H.O.M.E. will give you tips on how to create a system of storage and retrieval, and how to make sure your belongings are equal to or less than the space you have to store them.
Adele's step by step approach to achieving order can and should be applied to all aspects of life _.home, work, leisure and social. In H.O.M.E. Adele explains how charting a course, making a plan of action, and taking one step at a time will keep you on track to tackle any challenge.

Adele Blair

Organising is what Adele thrives on. Even as a little girl, her idea of a play date with a friend was to rearrange her bedroom.
Adele’s lifelong passion for planning, problem solving and being the go-to girl for her previous employers led her to the creation of her company. The Concierge Collective.