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The Singh Murders


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Format Paperback / softback
Page Extent 232
Book Size 300 mm (H x W x D)
Imprint New Holland Publishers
Release Date 15 Sep 2022
Subject Classification True stories / True crime

In April 2003 an emergency phone call was made from Bridgeman Downs by Massmimo Sica, known to most as Max, reporting one of the most horrific crimes in Australia - the murder of the Singh Family Children.

The purpose for his visit, according to his testimony, was to see his on and off again girlfriend, 24-year-old flight attendant Neelma Singh.

At the time of the emergency phone call, the children’s parents, Shirley and Vijay, were away visiting Fiji.

Max would later tell police that once he ventured inside the house, he noticed bloodstains on the carpet of Neelma’s upstairs bedroom. He followed the blood. But as he got closer to her parent’s bedroom, he heard the sound of running water. When Max stepped inside the ensuite of the main bedroom, he claims to have found blankets piled into the spa bath. There was water covering the floor, overflowing to such an extent that the ceiling below was buckling under the weight.
As he removed the blankets, he says he uncovered the body of Neelma.
Inside that spa bath, were also the bodies of her brother, 18-year-old Kunal Singh, and her 12-year-old sister, Sidhi Singh. They had all been murdered.

Police were looking at a triple homicide in a quiet Brisbane suburb. What unfolded would become the longest murder trial in Queensland history. According to some experts, however, there remains a number of questions that still, almost 20 years later, do not have answers.

Dr Dianne McInnes covered the crime and the evidence presented in court.