Who Discovered What When

Who Discovered What When

Who Discovered What When


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By David Ellyard
Format Hardback
Page Extent 439
Book Size 248 x 173 x 33 mm (H x W x D)
Imprint Reed New Holland
Release Date 4 Nov 2005
Subject Classification Society & culture: general / Cultural studies / History of ideas

An absorbing introduction to the growth of scientific ideas and knowledge in the last 500 years.

Who Discovered What When is an absorbing introduction to the growth of scientific ideas and knowledge over the last 500 years. It sets those ideas in a context of time and place and introduces the reader to the people who brought them to life, such as Galileo, Newton, Darwin and Lavoisier. The book shows how science is a cumulative and interactive activity, with the work of one researcher feeding into that of their contemporaries and successors. It also illuminates the practice of science, briefly reviewing the methods employed and the evidence gathered in particular cases.

Each chapter covers half a century and the pithy 200-300 word stories are arranged chronologically. A technology update for each century helps the reader to see the connection between scientific and technological development.

Winner of the Eureka Awards for best manuscript on popular Science for the Australian Museum awards 2004.

David Ellyard

David Ellyard has been closely involved with science all his working life. He has been a researcher, teacher and government policy advisor, and for more than 30 years a science communicate, working in radio television and print. He was also President of the Australian Science Communicators. His previous publications include books on weather and astronomy, and a prize-winning biography of the controversial Australian physicist and public figure Sir Mark Oliphant. Who Discovered What When? combines his love of history with his deep concern for the human and social impacts of new ideas and inventions.