The Satin Man

The Satin Man


The vanishing of Peter Falconio

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By Richard Shears
Format Paperback / softback
Book Size 320 mm (H x W x D)
Imprint New Holland Publishers
Release Date 7 Jan 2024
Subject Classification True stories / True crime
On a cold July night in 2001 a panic-stricken woman dashed out of the desert scrub, bringing to a halt a huge semi-trailer thundering down the highway.

The story Joanne Lees subsequently told spread a chill among backpackers everywhere and launched Australia’s most intense manhunt in living memory. A cool, calculating killer had tricked her and her boyfriend Peter Falconio into stopping their campervan on an isolated stretch of highway. He shot Falconio, leaving the stain of the Englishman’s blood on the road, but Joanne managed to escape and hide in the undergrowth.

But was her account entirely accurate? What secrets was she holding back? And where was Falconio’s body? Award-winning journalist Richard Shears has covered the incredible story from the time it broke through to the dramatic trial of Bradley Murdoch, who was accused of Falconio’s murder.

Richard Shears

Richard Shears has written 30 or so books encompassing fiction, true crime and general non-fiction. His recent non-fiction books include Bloodstain: the Vanishing of Peter Falconio and Wildlife Warrior: the Life of Steve Irwin. He has travelled the world as a journalist.