Australia's Volcanoes

Australia's Volcanoes

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Australian War Dogs

The Story of Four-legged Diggers

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By Nigel Allsopp
Format Paperback / softback
Page Extent 244
Book Size 21 x 135 x 210 mm (H x W x D)
Imprint New Holland Publishers
Release Date 1 Feb 2017
Subject Classification True stories / True war & combat stories

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Australian War Dogs introduces you to man’s best friend on the battlefield, the fourlegged digger. Canine troops have served alongside Australia’s armed forces for decades. Valued for their loyalty, intelligence and devotion in battle, war dogs have helped relay messages through trenches and laid telephone wire; they have searched for the wounded and detected land mines.

Nigel Allsopp, author of Cry Havoc: The History of Military Dogs, explores the stories of all Australian military dogs throughout our history and their different roles in the past and what role they could play in the future.

Nigel Allsopp

Nigel Allsopp holds a master’s degree in history and teaches full time. He is a veteran himself and was awarded the RSL’s ANZAC of the Year award in 2017 for his charity work across the country. Nigel has been instrumental in ensuring Indigenous soldiers’ history is told. After conducting research into Indigenous soldiers in the Boer War, Nigel was so touched by their brave service to a nation that had often not been kind to them that he raised funds and established Australia’s first Indigenous Light Horse memorial in Logan, Queensland. Nigel has published nine non-fiction books, which he has donated to numerous children’s hospitals, the Starlight Foundation and Ronald McDonald House.