Exploring the Moon

Exploring the Moon

The Night Sky

A Guide to Observing the Sun, Moon and Planets


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By Steve Massey
Format Paperback / softback
Page Extent 224
Book Size 229 x 174 x 14 mm (H x W x D)
Imprint New Holland Publishers
Release Date 1 Mar 2007
Subject Classification Astronomy, space & time / Galaxies & stars

A guide to observing the Sun, Moon and planets

Ever wondered what lies out there in the Solar System, beyond our own planet and how to see them with a telescope? This new, updated edition of The Night Sky: a guide to observing the Sun, Moon and planets is the essential starting point for your backyard planetary journey. Written by one of Australia's leading amateur astronomers, the highly popular first edition sold out across Australia and has been a pinnacle reference source for all newcomers to astronomy. This new edtion includes: -Invaluable instructions on how to locate the planets and other celestial bodies. -Insightful chapters on the Sun, Moon and each of the planets, with details of what you can see through a small telescope and how to see more. - An in-depth guide to tools for observing, covering different types of telescopes and accessories. - Many new images taken with small to medium sized telescopes by the author and other leading Australian amateur astronomers including ground breaking views of the night side of Venus and stunning Mercury views not imaged by the Mariner 10 spacecraft. Other titles from this author include: Exploring The Moon How Does The Night Sky Work Video Astronomy Atlas of the Southern Night Sky

Steve Massey

Steve began his love affair with the night sky as a nine-year-old stargazer in the back yard of his family home. During the following 35 years, he has pursued his astronomical interests on both amateur and professional levels. He has gained worldwide recognition as being among the handful who pioneered the use of video technology as an effective and popular medium for imaging the night sky, and was an invited contributor on the subject in the Oxford Astronomy Encyclopedia. Steve is an occasional guest speaker at clubs, universities and in the broadcast media. The asteroid 14420 Massey (1991 SM) was named after him.