Eleven Days of Hell

A Terrifying True Story of Kidnap, Torture and Dramatic Rescue by the FBI and the KGB


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By Yvonne Bornstein
Format Paperback / softback
Page Extent 336
Book Size 234 x 156 x 26 mm (H x W x D)
Imprint New Holland Publishers
Release Date 1 Oct 2008
Subject Classification True stories / True crime

One woman's true story of eleven days of frozen fear, unimaginable degradation and constant anticipation.

A terrifying true story of kidnap, torture and dramatic rescue by the FBI and the KGB. Chechen terrorists linked to Al-Qaeda orchestrate a Moscow abduction, holding westerners Yvonne and her husband Danny hostage for $1.6 million they don't have. It will take enormous courage and an international rescue effort to bring them home. ELEVEN DAYS OF HELL is the chilling true story of kidnap, torture, rape and survival. Yvonne Bornstein relives the trauma that still has the power to make her shake with fear.

Yvonne Bornstein

Never in her worst nightmares could Yvonne Bornstein have imagined the terror that lay in store when she and her husband started selling goods into Russia. Kidnapped by Chechen terrorists and held hostage for $1.6 million they didn have, the couple suffered through eleven long days of physical and psychological torture, rape and unimaginable fear. It was not until 12 years later that Yvonne was able to put into words her horrifying ordeal. Yvonne now enjoys life as a business woman, professional speaker and author.