Cinnamon Square

Cinnamon Square

Cinnamon Square

A Measured Approach to Baking


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By Paul Barker
Format Hardback
Page Extent 196
Book Size 29 x 216 x 251 mm (H x W x D)
Imprint New Holland Publishers
Release Date 1 Jul 2016
Subject Classification Cookery / food & drink etc / General cookery & recipes

“Measure twice, cut once” is the philosophy of a great carpenter. Cinnamon Square’s ethos is that measurement of weight,temperature, and time will not only facilitate products of consistent quality, but will also create a more confident and knowledgeable home baker too. There’s no cups, spoons or fluid ounces in any of the recipes. Whether they require flour, baking powder, milk or vegetable oil, they are all weighed – including the eggs! So you will require a set of digital weighing scales when adopting Cinnamon Square’s ‘measured approach’.

Cinnamon Square combines their ‘measured approach’ with 80 great recipes, many of which are used in their baking school at Cinnamon Square. This book identifies each part of the baking process which, if not respected, will significantly affect the final outcome of your bakes. For example, there is plenty to consider when kneading bread dough. Comprehensive answers are simply explained in this book to cover questions such as:
What is the best way to knead bread dough?
How long do you knead it for?
How do I know when dough is fully kneaded?
Can I over, or under knead?
With foreword by actress and Celebrity MasterChef Finalist Wendi Peters and renowned French chef and baker Richard Bertinet, Cinnamon Square is simple to follow and aimed at the home baker. Bring the delicious taste of Cinnamon Square into your home! A mouth-watering neccesity to every collection.

Paul Barker